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Connecting the Curious 

Love, Belonging, & Other Surprising Concerns of Science Fiction with Hilary Strang, PhD’09

Why might serious readers of literature want to read science fiction? From November 29 to December 14, Hilary Strang, deputy director of the Master of Arts Program in the Humanities and a lecturer in the Department of English, will lead a conversation on the history and implications of this long-standing genre. Participants will come away with an understanding of sci-fi as cognitive work that allows for an expansive view of human difference, often mediated through spectacular discoveries or technological innovations. 

This course consists of watching lectures from Professor Hilary Stang, participating in live Q&A sessions, discussing content with fellow alumni, and contributing to the blog. To register or find out more, follow this link.

Career Colloquium: Careers in Higher Ed

Join us December 5-7 for our inaugural Career Colloquium, which will provide an in-depth look at careers in Higher Education.

Whether you are just beginning your career, thinking about moving into a new one, or just curious about the way universities work, this three-day completely online colloquium will offer insight into various career paths available in higher education. Join Directors of Advancement, Deans, Career Advancement specialists, and other professionals from a range of universities as they discuss their own careers, the field of higher education in general, and field questions from participants. Sessions include webinars, a panel discussion, and one-on-one virtual networking.
  • Alan Katz, MBA'80, Assistant Dean for Finance & Administration, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Rachel Ward, Deputy Director of Career Advancement, University of Chicago
  • Haydee Nunez Gonzalez, MBA'05, Director of Career Development, North Central College
  • Tamara Michel Josserand, MBA'05, Assistant Dean & Director of Advancement, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Emmet Fitzpatrick, MBA'15, Senior Associate Director, Donor Engagement, University of Chicago
  • Mary Leighton, AM'07, Assistant Director, Undergraduate Research Office, Northwestern University

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